Dear brothers and sisters,

It is my pleasure to present to you the gateway to Emmaus where you can explore far more interesting things at will.

Emmaus was born to invest in both people and finance. Our people create financial resources which we then in turn use to support people. Both elements are to serve fundamental needs, and uphold our core values to enhance community development, especially for vulnerable individuals.

Emmaus philosophy is to strive for a HELP environment and a solid plan built on the principle of
40 - 30 - 20 - 10:

   40 percent of income for reinvestment
   30 percent of income for charities
   20 percent of income for employee profit sharing plan
   10 percent of income for profit sharing between shareholders

Community is at the heart of Emmaus Group’s operations. With that in mind, our members serve the community with charitable contributions focused on education, health, environment, arts & culture, and employee wellness.

We name “Emmaus Group” since there are four diversified subsidiaries under Emmaus. As we move forward, Emmaus Group will expand far into new foreign markets, and diversify agricultural products which will bring benefits to communities worldwide.

Most importantly, we are especially grateful for the opportunities that we have been given by our partners, investors, customers, clients, and our valued people who are supporting Emmaus Group to accomplish its mission. We are extremely happy and pleased to continue our journey with them to accomplish much more in the future.

All of this is to have a better life throughout the stream of LOVE!

With deepest gratitude,

Joseph Pham
Founder, Emmaus Group


We strive for a HELP environment






A community-minded company, Emmaus Group (EMAG) specializes in finance investment and acquisition strategy. Founded from the humble beginnings, EMAG has successfully acquired MIBS, HIMCOM, Huge-Fam and Kapha with the aim of offering the expanded range of services and diversified products.

Now, EMAG and its subsidiaries collectively have been successful providers of event management, communications, human resource solutions, industrial catering, and premium coffee brands in Vietnam.


To be a destination of choice for dedicated and trustworthy people


To make the most of every single day to create a better life for people


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A strong foundation of our organization, it is critical to the success of the company and of each person who chooses to work with us. It is focused on the success of our partners and that shapes our future.


Financial investment and acquisition strategy


EMAG is staffed with passionate and credible professionals. All well-experienced in their speciality, they bring years of in-depth knowledge and dedication to the business partners.

We believe EMAG is a partner of choice !